Kirk Minihane

Entercom and sports talker Kirk Minihane have parted ways. Less than a week after the former WEEI-FM Boston (93.7) morning host said he would no longer produce his popular “Enough About Me” podcast until he was given a promised online-only radio show on, Entercom responded by handing Minihane his walking papers.

“We have mutually agreed to part ways with Kirk and allow him to pursue other opportunities,” a statement from Entercom read. “Over the years, Kirk has been a valuable member of the WEEI team, and a host of the ‘Enough About Me’ podcast. We wish him all the best on his future endeavors.”

Minihane took to Periscope Wednesday afternoon (May 22) to tell his fans the news. “I am here to announce that as of 20… 25 minutes ago, everything was signed and I am no longer an employee of Entercom,” Minihane said as he began the live video stream. He had a few choice words about his former employer and claimed that he is “the most sought-after free agent in the history of media.” Minihane said he would “field offers for the next couple of weeks, saying that he has already been contacted with possible employment opportunities.

Minihane was promised a live streaming program on the platform when he was bumped from the WEEI-FM’s revamped Mut and Callahan morning show lineup in November 2018. The new show was supposed to launch in early 2019.

Last week on Periscope Minihane gave Entercom an ultimatum. “I want the Kirk Minihane network on, where it’s my show, my podcast, other podcasts, other shows for 24 hours a day, that’s it,” Barret Sports Media (BSM) reports Minihane as saying during the live stream. “You’ve got one month people, Entercom people, to make that happen, or I’m going to pursue things legally and leave. There will be no podcast, there will be no nothing until I get what I want, which is my own network on”

Minihane had still been on the Entercom payroll even after being dismissed from the morning show in November 2018.

His demands were met with Entercom deciding to end their relationship with the controversial sports talk show host.