Direct response advertisers who’ve dominated podcasting have had a relatively easy way to know their ads were working just by looking at how many times a special discount code was used. But as podcasters and other digital audio publishers work to attract more blue-chip brand marketers, new attribution tools will be needed. And that’s led Entercom to strike a deal with Claritas to use its data to help show advertisers how their podcast and other digital audio ads translate into sales.

Entercom will incorporate Claritas’ identity graph into the information that it provides marketers. The Claritas tool encompasses a proprietary data set of over 120 million households and more than one billion devices. That allows the company to compare the buying behaviors of those households that listened to the podcast to those of similar non-listening audiences. Claritas says its analytics tool allows marketers to accurately isolate and measure the effectiveness of each channel, message or partner in their campaigns – not just podcasts. In doing so, marketers will be able to measure each specific portion of their campaigns and give an advertiser the return on investment feedback they’re seeking.

Ken Lagana, Executive VP of Digital Sales at Entercom, says the company will integrate Claritas’ measurement technology capabilities into its existing radio and digital audio attribution suite. By doing so, its clients will be able to calculate the total lift in business outcomes directly attributable to podcast and digital audio streaming. They will also be able to break out lift by the different components of a campaign, like target audiences, creative, geographic location visits and other variables. “This new tool helps us fill a critical gap in the industry and allows us the ability to offer clients the opportunity to accurately measure ROI for podcasts and other digital campaigns,” said Lagana.

When Entercom bought Cadence13 and Pineapple Street Media last year, the company said it wanted to come up with ways to devise new measurement capabilities for podcasts. That included giving the company’s Advanced Audio team a directive to expand the existing attribution capabilities they were offering to over-the-air and digital ad buyers to clients who were spending money on podcast ads. “Podcasting is a critical and exciting business segment with exponential growth opportunities,” said Lagana.

It is not the only data that Entercom is relying on to sell podcasts. Cadence13 was among the podcast companies that signed with Nielsen last year when it launched its Podcast Listener Buying Power Service. It uses data from Nielsen Scarborough to help podcasters understand what their listeners buy and where they shop, while allowing advertisers to target audiences with specific interests and buying habits.

Claritas sees a growing opportunity to expand its service into podcasting and called the Entercom alliance a “game changer” in that effort. “With podcasting taking off so aggressively, and continued growth across all digital channels, we see our partnership with Entercom as a major strategic win to help the industry effectively shift the paradigm in the podcasting, streaming and other digital channels,” said VP Matt Drengler in a statement.

Claritas is also working with a handful of other podcast companies such as PRX, which relied on the research company’s data when it released a snapshot of PRX listeners in October.