Entravision 375

Entravision has fired up a new streaming platform to aggregate all of the Spanish-language broadcaster’s radio stations and programs. Branded as El Botón (The Button), the platform will be complemented by a mobile app in early 2021, which will add functionality for live chats, while offering podcasts, playlists and social media platform access.

“We are extremely excited to launch El Botón and provide all fans of Latino music with the ability to stream our award-winning content from the ease of their home computer or mobile device,” Chief Digital, Strategy and Accountability Officer Juan Saldívar said in a release. “The world of radio is quickly evolving, and it is no longer required to be in your car to listen to your favorite radio show. Streaming and digital radio is the wave of the future, and El Botón will provide audiences with greater listening flexibility anytime, anywhere.”

Entravision joins fellow Spanish-language broadcasters Univision and Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) in having a dedicated mobile audio app. Univision placed its music assets under the Uforia Audio Network and worked with Napster for its relaunched Uforia app, which it debuted at the 2019 SXSW music conference. SBS has long had its La Musica app.

Entravision’s launch of its own streaming platform and mobile app comes as audio listening is growing across multiple platforms, particularly amongst Hispanic Americans. In the August 2020 Nielsen Total Audience Report, more than one-third, or 37%, of Hispanic Americans report spending more time listening to radio since the onset of COVID-19.

“We are regularly adapting and evolving our digital offerings to meet the needs of our audiences,” Jessica Martinez, Entravision General Manager, U.S. Digital added. “We are confident the launch of our new streaming platform El Botón will meet this demand.”

To celebrate and market the launch of El Botón, Entravision is giving away $500 through its “Artist of the Day” contest. The artist is posted at elboton.com and is played back each morning on “El Show de Alex ‘El Genio’ Lucas,” with the 10th caller winning the daily prize. The contest runs through Dec. 3.