Mike Greenberg

Going for a less formal approach, Mike Greenberg’s upcoming ESPN Radio show will be called “Greeny” as opposed to the previously announced “The Mike Greenberg Show.” Something else the returning radio host says will be a calling card of his new program; it won’t be a “Mike and…” show.

“What Mike [Golic] and I did I will always be so proud of, and it was singular and unique,” Greenberg told Variety. “I think it would be a huge mistake to try to recapture that or recreate that. That’s not on the list of possibilities.”

What he does plan to do is expand on some of the things he has to keep short on his weekday TV program “Get Up” on ESPN. “On the TV show, we are just flying through stuff. The average interview on my show in the morning is – a long interview for us is six or seven minutes,” he explains. “On the radio, I could see us doing 15, 16, 17 minutes when the circumstances call for it.”

“Greeny” is part of the revamped ESPN Radio lineup that will debut Aug. 17. His program will air nationally from 12-2pm weekdays. It’s a return to radio since leaving the medium, and the popular “Mike and Mike” morning show in 2017, after being on air for nearly 20 years.

“There is an intimacy in the medium that is very difficult to recapture on television,” he said about radio. And while a co-host is not in the cards, Greenberg will be joined by a number of guests and sports experts. “You will hear anywhere from three to six different voices with me, depending on the day and the circumstances.”