Whitney WPXY

A morning radio host at Entercom CHR “98PXY” WPXY-FM Rochester, walked away from her gig, claiming she wasn’t paid as much as a male co-host. She announced her exit on social media and then reached out to a local newspaper to publicly grouse.

Whitney Young, who teamed with Corey James 5:30-10am for “#TeamPXY,” told the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, “I choose to leave my position as morning show host, because my male co-host's salary was nearly double my own, and I was unable to negotiate a raise that would reduce the pay disparity. This inequality is in conflict with my most deeply held beliefs.”

Young co-hosted the show with James on WPXY for the past year, after previously working middays at the station. She cited other examples of pay inequality in a statement, including Hoda Kotb who was brought in to replace Matt Lauer on NBC's “Today Show,” according to the newspaper.

Young said that there is “no bad blood with my co-host. He's a good friend, a talented showman, a dependable colleague and fully deserving of his salary.” She added, “I do not believe he was overpaid, but rather that I was underpaid. We had fun doing the show, and I will miss that.”

Young added that she has no job prospects lined up and admitted, “Walking away from a stable paycheck is risky at best and stupid at worst. But for me, it was necessary.”