Jay McFarland

Former talk show host Jay McFarland is announcing a run for the 4th Congressional District in Salt Lake City with hopes of becoming the latest voice for conservatism. For nine years, he hosted afternoons with the “JayMac News Show” at Bonneville “Newsradio” KSL-AM & FM (1160, 102.7) in the market. He stepped away from the mic earlier this month.

Describing himself as a reformer in a print interview with KSL.com, McFarland says he is ready to take on a cause and join the party he believes has been hurt by President Donald Trump. “I may be completely naive, but the power of one is still alive and well,” he said, especially for “somebody with a voice who doesn’t shy away from media, who doesn't only speak when there's some political advantage.”

His career in radio definitely lends itself to this potential next move, McFarland stresses. “I got into radio to be able to impact the public debate. Just over the last couple of years, I felt like our political discourse has degraded to such a horrific level, it's not enough for me to talk about it.”

The KSL.com story adds: “After talking about his views over the airwaves in Las Vegas and Dallas as well as Salt Lake City, McFarland said those who've tuned in know what to expect from him should he make it to Washington, DC. He then notes, “I feel like my listeners know me intimately. The tagline for my show has been fearless honesty.”

Giving up his radio job, McFarland noted, is the most difficult decision he’s made. He said he wants voters "to know that my entire time on the radio, I've fought for what I believe to be right and that I view running for Congress as the next logical progression in that fight."