Fox News Radio

Fox News Radio has announced a fresh weekday lineup for its Fox News Talk opinion arm. Beginning July 5, “The Todd Starnes Show” will air 12pm-3pm, and beginning July 10, “The Tom Shillue Show” will air 3pm-6pm.

Both programs are nationally syndicated on terrestrial radio stations alongside satellite and digital distribution on multimedia and social platforms. The shows are also part of a new multimedia video component, with live streaming capabilities for consumers and partners.

With those changes, the network’s “Kilmeade & Friends,” which airs 9am-12pm, is being renamed “The Brian Kilmeade Show,” also beginning July 5.

“The Todd Starnes Show” replaces “The John Gibson Show,” which departs the network. Gibson launched the radio show 12 years ago and will continue hosting the program online. “The Tom Shillue Show” supplants “The Tom Sullivan Show.” Sullivan joined FNR in 2007 and helped launch Fox Business Network as an original anchor. He is retiring, but will continue hosting his radio program on a limited basis online.

Starnes is expanding his established commentary to three hours, while continuing to offer daily observations on FNR. The conservative columnist and commentator joined the net in 2005 and became a featured opinion writer on in 2011. He is the author of “The Deplorables’ Guide to Making America Great Again.”

Shillue offers comedic insight and analysis on the day’s trending topics as well as interviews with special guests, Fox says. As a stand-up comedian and former host of FNC’s “Red Eye,” he joined Fox News Channel in 2015 and remains a contributor to the network. He is the author of “Mean Dads For a Better America.”