Media Monitors

Government agencies aired more than 100,000 spots on the radio during the week of July 20-26, as the Government-Unions category continues as one of the top spending ad verticals of the coronavirus era. The third largest radio ad category during first quarter with 2.7 million spot detections, Government-Unions captured five positions in the latest Top 100 from Media Monitors, which tracks radio advertising in 85 markets.

The U.S. Census Bureau leapt to No. 2 with 51,435 spots, up from No. 6 the week prior, extending the massive public education campaign designed to communicate the importance of responding to the census. It’s followed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at No. 18 with 21,868 occurrences, the US Dept. Of Health & Human Services at No. 33 (15,527), Army National Guard at No. 55 (9,893) and Centers For Disease Control & Prevention at No. 98 (5,044).

Department stores, meanwhile, upped their radio commitments, promoting summer sales to woo consumers to their stores. The category is led by Macy’s at No. 11, JC Penney at No. 15 and Kohl’s at No. 26.

Fast Casual-Quick Service Restaurants are well represented on the latest tally with Wendy’s out front at No. 17, McDonald’s at No. 22, Taco Bell at No. 58, and Jersey Mike’s Subs at No. 66.

To promote the first virtual version of its benchmark iHeartRadio Music Festival, iHeartMedia ran 29,673 promos across it 850 stations, catapulting it to No. 10 on the latest list, up from No. 65 the week before.

For the week of July 20-26, 2020, the top 10 on the Media Monitors’ compilation are: Babbel at 1, U.S. Census Bureau at 2, iHeartRadio at 3, Progressive at 4, Forgotten Women Of Juárez at 5, GEICO at 6, The Daily Zeitgeist at 7, Allstate at 8, AutoZone at 9 and iHeartRadio Music Festival at 10.