On the morning the nominations for the Academy Awards were announced, Howard Stern complained that radio was not included in televised awards programs like The Oscars and The Golden Globes.

“Why can’t they give out a couple of radio awards” Stern asked sidekick Robin Quivers during his Monday (Jan. 13) morning program on SiriusXM, RadarOnline reports. “Why is radio not entertainment?” Quivers concurred that radio is entertainment, adding “It is the forgotten, important medium.”

Stern continued, saying radio has “bigger audiences than films do. So, every once in a while, why don’t they have a radio category as opposed to a radio hall of fame where we are ostracized into some lame event?” Stern was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2012 but has been critical of the institution.

Stern said he would “even be okay if they even honored Rush Limbaugh” as part of a radio category in awards shows that honor movies and television programs.

Of course, radio does have the Marconi Awards, which Stern never won during his decades-long career on broadcast radio.