Hudson MX

Hudson MX has launched AgencyCloud, a software and data local radio buying platform designed to assist agencies in placing ad inventory on stations. The announcement comes on the heels of the successful founding of a parallel local TV offering in the programmatic arena. Entercom has signed up as Hudson MX’s first radio partner.

“Affording ease of use, simplicity and control, Hudson MX enables local buyers to become more powerful with software and data,” the company said in its announcement. “Hudson MX offers workflow software that allows targeted buys at scale with unprecedented precision.”

Alongside AgencyCloud, Hudson MX’s proprietary BuyerAssist complements the “skillset, market expertise and institutional knowledge of local media buyers,” the company explains, by “empowering them to deliver superior client results in record time.” Already, BuyerAssist is being utilized by a number of the world’s largest agencies to streamline local media buying processes and enhance results for brands.

With Entercom’s integration, BuyerAssist will now allow agencies to search the radio company’s portfolio of 235 radio stations—and then generate custom proposals attuned to each campaign’s needs. BuyerAssist also has the ability to optimize data and course-correct to ensure that campaign commitments are fulfilled, it said. Reporting is within 24 hours.

To date, 19 agencies have used Hudson MX’s BuyerAssist to connect 700+ radio buyers with 2,500+ sellers in 210 markets, representing 300+ national advertisers. In a private beta ahead of Monday’s official launch, more than $50 million in radio buys have been processed.

“Radio was the first medium to offer content in real time and it remains an absolutely vital part of the media landscape,” said JT Batson, CEO of Hudson MX. “Ninety-three percent of Americans listen to radio weekly and station loyalty remains strong. And while its place in our culture is unquestioned, radio’s ability to compete for advertising dollars has been hindered by a lack of modern software. By making the move beyond legacy systems, Entercom is helping our country’s biggest brands capitalize on the full potential of radio in real time.”

Added Weezie Kramer, Entercom’s COO, “Entercom has been focused on supply-side innovation and we are pleased to partner with Hudson MX in transforming the buy side of radio. We’re excited to be their first radio partner and offer agency partners greater speed, accuracy and transparency. It makes radio easier and faster to buy—putting us at the forefront with other forms of media.”