Audiences engaged with brands via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram a total of 75.2 billion times in 2019, and audiences engaged with video across those same three platforms 25.9 billion times. And audiences shared posts across Facebook and Twitter 5.1 billion times.

That’s according to The State of Social Media from Sharablee, whose work analyzes U.S. social media activity for 2019.

Two radio entities – iHeartRadio and NPR – ranked among the most engaged Twitter and Facebook brands, respectively, in 2019. iHeartRadio’s Twitter account was the No. 20 most engaged Twitter brand in 2019, with more than 23 million actions. NPR was the No. 24 Facebook brand with 74 million actions.

The Top 25 Twitter brands—ranked according to total Twitter actions in 2019—include Bleacher Point, which is overwhelmingly No. 1 with 192.8 million actions last year. It enjoys a massive lead over No. 2 Soompi (an English-language news site that covers Korean popular culture), which is a distant second with 92.9 million.

Others on the Twitter list include No. 5 ESPN (73.3 million); No. 6 CNN (46.8 million); No. 16 ABC News (26.4 million); No. 20 iHeartRadio (23.1 million); and No. 25 The New York Times (21.3 million).

Ranked by total Facebook actions last year, Fox News (312.9 million) was the top Facebook brand. Other notable media outlets in the Top 25 include No. 6 CNN (166.8 million); No. 7 Breitbart (166.5 million); No. 15 ABC News (116.7 million); No. 16 CBS News (95.7 million); No. 17 The Daily Caller (88.3 million); No. 19 ESPN (81.5 million); No. 21 Bleacher Report (79.6 million); and No. 24 NPR (74.4 million).

“In 2019, social engagement for the average U.S. brand increased 5% year over year across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,” the report reads. “Twitter and Instagram captured the majority of the growth in engagement, both increasing by 10% respectively. Twitter increased from 4.4 billion actions in 2018 to 4.8 billion in 2019, and Instagram increased from 47.7 billion actions in 2018 to 52.3 billion in 2019.

“Video content continued to grow across the social web, the number of video posts from brands increased by 8% and engagement with those videos increased by 8%.”