IHM Podcast Network 375 wide

Aiming to steer more ad dollars into the fast-growing podcast space, iHeartMedia today launched iHeartPodcast AdSuite, a comprehensive set of ad units and measurement tools that encompass the company’s wide-ranging digital and broadcast channels. Offered to both local and national advertisers, the new offering seeks the sweet spot that gives advertisers targetability and scale without sacrificing the intimate podcast listener experience.

Taking advantage of its position as the top U.S. radio broadcaster and No. 1 commercial podcaster, iHeartPodcast AdSuite pulls out all the stops. The product line will expand broadcast access to podcasters in new ways through what’s known as iHeartPodcast Boost. AdSuite also creates new local podcast networks in major markets and a “takeover” that swipes a page from the broadcast giant’s on-air roadblocks. New Storytellers units include midrolls, custom episodes or fully branded series. Premium advertisers will get access to a single analytics report from all the different platforms the iHeartPodcast Network distributes to.

“As the podcast industry continues to evolve and capture massive consumer attention, advertisers and brands are looking for tools and products to capture and measure the impact. They are often left without a system for quantitatively monitoring the success, impact and reach of podcast advertising,” said Conal Byrne, President of the iHeartPodcast Network. “As the leader in the space of both audio and podcasting, we are meeting this challenge head on, offering a new suite of cutting-edge podcast ad products – from better targeting to boosted reach across broadcast radio – as well as pulling together performance and insights across the multiple platforms where we reach audiences.”

The suite of products includes:

AdSuite Insights

Billed as a first-of-its-kind product, this analytics tool gives iHeartPodcast AdSuite users an easy-to-read snapshot of podcast listener analytics, including audience insights and profiles, consumption/ engagement metrics and delivery reporting from all of the different platforms the iHeartPodcast Network distributes to.

iHeartPodcast Boost

iHeartMedia has used its radio platform to expose podcasts to new listeners via programs like “Sunday Night Podcasts.” Now it’s offering advertisers “maximum exposure” for their podcast ads by running certain podcasts as radio full episodes, custom produced vignettes, promotions and/or branded spots read by a host.


DSAI+LAI stands for dynamic and streaming ad insertion and local ad insertion. The new product harnesses the company’s extensive audience insights to allow advertisers to target specific audiences and serve them customized real-time ad creative designed to resonate with each listener or cohort. The ad insertion product involves local podcast networks with local talent in major markets.

iHeartPodcast TakeOver

A full-court press similar to the nationwide radio roadblock campaigns the company used for major films like “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Rocketman,” the takeover ad unit gives advertisers the first ad placement in every iHeartPodcast on any given day, exposing every listener of the company’s 750 original podcasts to a brand’s targeted message.


Expanding on the host-read ads that have been podcasting’s most sought after ad unit, iHeart will deploy key podcast talent to partner with advertisers to promote a brand across their show, social, video and live tour. As with host-read ads, the multi-platform endorsements will “be done in an organic way that connects best with their fans and listeners,” the company says.


Moving beyond traditional podcast ad lengths, this personalized-to-the-brand ad unit offers extended midrolls, custom episodes or fully branded series.

“Advertisers have a certain expectation with creative, measurement and data when they invest in digital advertising,” said Carter Brokaw, President of Digital Revenue Strategy for iHeartMedia. “The iHeartPodcast AdSuite product will provide the tools and analytics they need to build and track successful podcast advertising campaigns.”