iheartMEDIA logo 2019

It has been years since the names Clear Channel, Capstar, AMFM or Citicasters adorned the letter head or sign in front of a radio station. Deal-making, buyouts and rebranding caused some of what were radio’s best-known corporate names to fall by the wayside. They never really faded completely away, having remained alive, on paper at least, as subsidiaries under iHeartMedia. But as 2020 came to an end, so too did their use.

As part of an internal reorganization of its structure, iHeartMedia has merged out of existence the subsidiaries with the AMFM, Capstar, Citicasters and Clear Channel legacy names. The new streamlined company flow chart only includes the iHeart name for all its subsidiaries. The only exception is an arm called the Los Angeles Broadcasting Partners. That is the nearly five-year old joint partnership iHeartMedia has with Los Angeles Dodgers for ownership of “AM 570 LA Sports” KLAC Los Angeles – iHeart has the controlling 51% share.

Why retire the legacy names? The company told the FCC that that the move was “for business and tax reasons.” Under its current management team iHeartMedia was adopted as the company name in September 2014.