iheartMEDIA logo 2019

The June 2019 Triton Top 10 U.S. Webcast Rankers saw a swap of positions for Hubbard and AccuRadio, but otherwise no ranker changes month-over-month.

iHeartMedia Network remains No. 1 among Sales Networks with 1,150,354 Active Audience Streams (AAS) in the U.S. (6am-8pm, M-F). The iHeartMedia Network is a consistent No. 1 Sales Network and in May accounted for 1,159,259 AAS.

The top of the Top 10 Publisher rankers remains the same with Pandora holding onto No. 1 with 2,399,209 AAS, followed by broadcast streamers iHeartRadio (417,993 AAS); NPR Member Stations (82,062 AAS); Radio.com (72,851 AAS); Cumulus Streaming Network (63,825 AAS); Beasley Broadcasting Corporate (26,080 AAS); and Univision (24,086 AAS). Hubbard Broadcasting moves up a rank to 8th with 19,672 AAS, switching spots with AccuRadio (19,543 AAS). EMF Corporate remains 10th with 18,243 AAS.