The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has set Sept. 25 and 26 for two separate events to take place simultaneously, designed to draw attention to America's border crisis and encouraging Congress to act. On the radio side, the 13th annual Hold Their Feet to the Fire (F2F) radio row features 70 talk hosts broadcasting live both days, debating immigration policy, interviewing members of Congress, law enforcement officials, experts, activists, administration officials and those who live and work along the southern border.

In addition, 191 sheriffs from every corner of the country will join with Angel Families at a Capitol Hill press conference, and meet with lawmakers and administration officials to discuss the impact of illegal immigration in their communities.

F2F is the largest annual gathering of America's radio talk hosts, and the centerpiece of the immigration debate each year for the media, according to FAIR. “Lax enforcement, asylum abuse, obstructionist partisan positions and hostile courts have created chaos at our southern border,” the organization believes. “This ongoing crisis is the reason radio hosts, sheriffs and others will discuss, debate, sort truth from fiction, hear first-hand accounts and consider reasonable solutions.”

The Hold Their Feet to the Fire Radio Row gathers both Wednesday and Thursday, broadcasting continuously from 6am to 9 pm, from the Phoenix Park Hotel in Washington, DC. The Badges and Angels Press Conference takes place Wednesday, 10am to 11:40am at the United States Capitol West Steps in DC.

Founded in 1979, FAIR says that it is the nation’s largest immigration reform group, with 2 million members.