A lawsuit has been filed by Jeffrey Lazroe, who claims he had an ownership stake in a Buffalo, NY AM station that was recently sold and rebranded with the legendary market call letters WEBR.

Lazroe says he had 25% ownership of WJJL (1440), which was purchased by Kenmore Broadcasting for $60,000 from Phillips Communications in a deal that closed in June. Shortly after closing, Kenmore flipped the station from classic hits to adult standards and revived the WEBR call letters, which date back to 1924 and were active in the market until 1993.

In the suit, which was filed Aug. 31, Lazroe says he was part of a group that purchased WJJL in 1992, as reported by Buffalo Business Journal. In 1996, Lazroe claims station owners Dennis Westberg and John Phillips sold him 25% of the Phillips Communications group.

Lazroe, who is seeking $200,000 for damages and disbursements from his shareholder agreement, says he assisted in the Philips Communications business over the years in a variety of areas.

Kenmore Broadcasting owner Bill Yuhnke told the publication that the purchase of WJJL took nearly a year and that liens and other issues were fully vetted. “We very much did our due diligence,” he said. “If you look in the records, there was nothing ever filed with a lien against that corporation.”

An attorney for Phillips Communications said Lazroe was never part of the ownership group and the lawsuit is frivolous. “He's talking about matters that, even if they were correct, are beyond the statute of limitations,” attorney Frank Falzone said.