Jamie & Entercom

Following a petition from Entercom that a breach of contract lawsuit be dismissed that was filed by Jamie Allman—who was fired from the station’s talk “Live 97.1” KFTK-FM St. Louis—the conservative talk host has, a week later, requested both an extension of time “in which Plaintiff must respond to Defendants’ motion to dismiss,” as well as a jury trial.

Entercom filed its motion on June 8, with Allman’s multiple documents filed with the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri on June 15—the date he was told to respond to Entercom’s dismissal.

The radio group fired the talker after he made a controversial post on Twitter about Parkland, FL, shooting survivor turned activist David Hogg. Entercom said Allman’s contract was void after he “committed an act which brings Station into public disrepute, scandal, contempt or ridicule, or which disparaged or reflected adversely upon Station or any of its advertisers, sponsors or affiliated group members,” according to documents obtained by Inside Radio.

Further, Entercom “claims he was terminated from his employment as a radio show host in breach of contract. Plaintiff does not dispute the reason for his termination: a vulgar tweet that he posted, in which he said that he was ‘getting ready to ram a hot poker’ up the buttocks of one of the teenage students who survived the Parkland school shooting.”

Entercom writes that the tweet “led to widespread, public expressions of vitriol towards Plaintiff and the radio station that employed him, and the actual, threatened, and potential withdrawal of advertiser support.”

At the time of his dismissal from “Live 97.1,” the station was owned by Emmis and was being operated by Entercom under an LMA. On April 27, 2018, Allman filed the six-count petition against various Emmis and Entercom business entities. The suit says that Allman suffered “tortious interference of contract,” and demands that the station reinstate him to his morning show position or pay him the total remaining on his most recent contract with the station, which was set to expire in August 2020. The suit also wants Allman’s non-compete clause with “Live 97.1” to be nullified.