Kirk Minihane

Kirk Minihane, former morning host at Entercom sports WEEI-FM Boston (93.7), is reportedly discontinuing his popular podcast “Enough About Me” on Minihane was promised a live streaming program on the platform when he was bumped from the sports station’s revamped Mut and Callahan morning show lineup in November 2018. The new show was supposed to launch in early 2019. Now, with half the year in the rearview mirror, Minihane says he’ll discontinue producing the podcast until he gets his promised live program on

Minihane, broadcasting via Periscope last week at a Boston area Barnes and Noble, gave Entercom an ultimatum, demanding far more than just a daily show.

“I want the Kirk Minihane network on, where it’s my show, my podcast, other podcasts, other shows for 24 hours a day, that’s it,” Barret Sports Media (BSM) reports Minihane as saying during the live stream. “You’ve got one month people, Entercom people, to make that happen, or I’m going to pursue things legally and leave. There will be no podcast, there will be no nothing until I get what I want, which is my own network on”

Minihane, who BSM says is still on the Entercom payroll, reportedly no longer wishes to record his program, which he does at company studios, before sending it for approval from management which posts it days later. Saying he doesn’t “want to be sitting on the bench,” Minihane claims the company is trying to silence him. First, by removing him from the WEEI-FM morning show, and now by refusing to come through on plans for his live streaming program. “I’m not just going to take a lot of money to sit around and be silenced, I actually bought their act for a while and I think given my mental health, given my situation especially this time of year where I am really struggling, I think its borderline shameful that they’ve acted this way.”

Minihane has been vocal about dealing with mental health issues, which caused him to take two leaves of absence from his radio show.

Entercom has not commented on the BSM report.