Jacobs 375

The flying taxis, foldable laptops and cuddly robots have left the building. But the buzz from the Consumer Electronics Show continues as pundits try to sort out which technologies introduced there will have a meaningful impact in the next 12-18 months. To help radio get a better grip on CES, Inside Radio has partnered with Jacobs Media to present the webinar, “What Happened at CES 2020 (and what it means for radio).”

President Fred Jacobs and VP/GM Paul Jacobs have been making the annual CES trek for years, to uncover the new tech trends that will impact the radio industry. This year, 60 radio broadcasters joined them for this journey to see the future.

On Tuesday, Jan. 28 at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific, Fred Jacobs will unpack his top takeaways from the show, including autonomous vehicles and the passenger economy; voice command devices and why they’re so important to radio; how the retro movement is reviving interest in radios; and the convergence of 5G, AI, cars and media.

“Radio broadcaster interest in witnessing the future of CES is at an all-time high, as more and more companies are engaging with this innovative event,” Jacobs says. We’re excited to partner with Inside Radio to help connect the dots.”

The webinar will build on insights Jacobs expounded on during the latest episode of the Inside Radio Podcast. Listen HERE. And register for the CES webinar HERE.