Overnight ratings have been part of the network TV landscape for years. Are they now coming to radio? Media Monitors is collaborating with Nielsen to test a new overnight ratings product with some of Media Monitors’ radio clients in Nielsen’s PPM markets.

Dubbed Audio Overnights, the tool would provide programmers and managers with next day insights about their station’s listening. This would allow them to respond more quickly to programming and market changes, such as a format flip, a new show launch or a major promotion, rather than having to wait weeks for the data. It is currently in beta-testing and a launch date hasn’t been announced.

In a press release announcing the new product, Brad Kelly, Managing Director of Nielsen Audio, said the service “provides next-day information about the audio tuning behavior of PPM panelists. The data is designed to enable programmers and station management to react faster to market and station changes.”

Philippe Generali, President and CEO of Media Monitors, points to the final hours of former Cumulus Media hot AC WPLJ New York on May 31 as an example of major listening changes that Audio Overnights can document. “We found that the number of quarter hours increased toward the close down of WPLJ on Friday. This was due to more panelists tuning in more often just to hear the swan song of that station,” Generali said.

He added, “If this had been a major show change which produced surprising results – positive or negative – the radio station could very rapidly adjust to the information, without having to wait weeks for data.”