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With new audio content flooding the marketplace and technologies such as smart speakers changing how audio is consumed, author and media expert Jack Myers sees audio taking a more prominent position among marketers and ad agencies. “Audio is the new black,” he declared Wednesday at the RAIN Podcast Business Summit in New York.

A combination of technology and content will fuel a “new revolution” in advertising, he said. Fast adoption of smart speakers—voice-controlled devices that include such brand names as Amazon Echo and Google Home—in tandem with an explosion in audio content is about to change media consumption and marketing. “In media and advertising we are in our winter of discontent,” Myers said, pointing to a thicket of issues such as brand safety, ad fraud and adapting to programmatic media buying. “But audio is the perfect storm, it’s the warm summer rain of growth and opportunity powered by technology advances and a new form of storytelling we all know as podcasts.”

All the indicators point to continued growth of audio consumption. On-demand audio surpassed 250 billion streams in 2016, according to Nielsen. And radio listeners spent slightly more time with the medium in fourth quarter 2016 year-over-year, per Nielsen’s latest Comparable Metrics Report. It showed radio’s reach among adults 18+ crept up slightly to 92.7% during an average 2016 week compared to the same period one year ago (92.5%).

Meanwhile Google forecasts that in the next five years, 50% of all searches will be conducted via audio. Calling audio “undiscovered beachfront property,” Myers said every marketer and media company will need to understand how to communicate verbally with their audience, to develop an “audio design” for their messaging and define their brand in an audio context.

With broadcast radio still by far the largest piece of audio consumption, a renewed focus on audio could have a positive impact on the industry. “Audio is about to become the hot part of the creative agency,” Myers predicted. “For those old-fashioned radio media buyers and planners and sales people, they’re about to be re-integrated into the mainstream of media. So get ready.”