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Joe Rogan, where have you gone? That is what some podcast listeners may be asking themselves today as one of the most popular series makes its move to a Spotify exclusive. In recent days other podcast platforms have been wiping away the previous shows in his library with just a single episode from last week left on apps other than Spotify.

Spotify signed a reported $100 million licensing agreement with Rogan to make his podcast exclusive to the platform in what will be both a gamble for the host and the streamer. For Rogan there is the risk of alienating fans who may not be willing to change the app they are using to access podcasts just for his show. For Spotify, the investment is geared toward not only capturing Rogan’s listeners, but using his halo to boost its podcast business overall by cross-promoting other podcasts to his large audience.

“We've been very pleased with how the performance of Joe Rogan has been already to date,” says CFO Paul Vogel. He told analysts at an investor conference last month that the company feels “really optimistic” about what kind of numbers the Joe Rogan Experience could attract once it is no longer available on other apps. And while Vogel said the company has “built in some expectations” for new subscribers because of Rogan’s exclusivity, he did not offer any specific figures.

When the deal was announced in May, Rogan said he will retain full creative control over the podcast but Spotify would have rights to his back catalog of episodes that dates to Rogan’s launch in 2009. Spotify has said the Joe Rogan Experience will remain free and accessible to all Spotify users. Rogan also produces corresponding video episodes, which will also be available on Spotify as in-app “vodcasts” as the company refers to the video companions.

The loss of Rogan’s podcast is also likely to have an impact on some other podcast apps who no longer can count on his listeners. In some cases, a few apps that have been less reliant on Rogan’s podcast – like the newly-podcast friendly Amazon Music app – could also see their share of the market grow as others fall back. “We’re going to have some changes in the next few months as Rogan goes exclusive,” predicted Libsyn VP Rob Walch on his company’s The Feed podcast.

Spotify said Tuesday that Rogan’s show was its most popular podcast in 2020 despite only joining the app on Sept. 1. The company did not reveal how many streams it received but its release suggested that the show’s availability has helped Rogan’s international reach especially. That is because the Joe Rogan Experience was only the third most-streamed podcast among Spotify’s U.S. users, behind NPR News Now and The Daily. The company said earlier that Rogan's show has topped its 'top podcast' ranker in some countries where English isn't the first language.

"It has very much been an international hit, which has been a little bit of a surprise because we thought it would skew more U.S. than it has,” CEO Daniel Ek said during the company’s recent conference call with investors. “It speaks to the appeal of the platform we have for someone like Joe Rogan but also the appeal of his show that it has audiences all around the world."