The internet radio station founded by former WMMS Cleveland Program Director John Gorman will cease operations at the end of October.

Launched in February 2015 as a regionally-focused online radio outlet for the Cleveland area, oWOW has struggled financially due to advertising cancellations due to the pandemic. “After much consideration and weighing several factors in our industry, we recognized that continued operation of oWOW radio is no longer viable in this negative business environment," the station said in a press release, Cleveland Scene reports. “Since we are not in a situation to influence the uncertainty of the future, we are unable to ride out the storm.”

The station features local air personalities that included Ravenna Miceli, Steve Pappas, Alan Greene, Monica Robins and Kasey Crabtree.

Upon launching the station, Gorman told the Scene, “It will be a combination of live music from albums that anyone can buy plus some unreleased live material. It’s a mix of everything. We are slowly building our own archives. At ’MMS, we had an incredible archive that went back to the ’70s.”

Even with a spike in listenership over the past few months, the lack of advertising dollars is what did the station in.

“Though this past summer’s online streaming ratings on oWOW were 20 percent above last summer’s numbers, the numerous business closures prevented us from converting those numbers in a stagnant advertising market,” the release continued. “In previous years, the summer months accounted for over 50 percent of oWOW’s annual revenue.”