Vibenomics, which provides customized background music for retail locations, has partnered with Katz Digital to rep its premium ad inventory with national brands and agencies. The audio out-of-home (OOH) ad marketplace run by former Emmis Communications and NextRadio exec Paul Brenner reaches a national audience of nearly 150 million consumers and can target any combination of 4,000 individual locations.

“Katz has the experience, relationships, national footprint, and reputation to help Vibenomics’ Audio Out-Of-Home Advertising Marketplace attract even more national and local advertising,” Brenner said in a news release. “Background audio is proven to influence how much time is spent in a store, what to buy, how much to spend and can trigger impulse buyers to make additional purchases.”

Vibenomics’ cloud-based streaming audio service is licensed by retailers, restaurants, public spaces, amusement parks, and attractions. Brenner said it “enables brands to reach their target audiences directly at the point-of-sale when they cannot be reached by other media.”

In late November Vibenomics said it closed on $5 million of new funding which will be used to expand its marketplace. One month earlier it partnered with Triton Digital to use its Tap ad server to dynamically insert audio ads into its streaming service. Vibenomics said it will use Triton’s programmatic audio marketplace to make its inventory available to buyers through both open and private marketplace deals.

Now Vibenomics has added a human element to its sales effort, employing the digital arm of Katz Media Group to evangelize its offering to advertisers and agencies. “Partnering with Vibenomics helps Katz deliver on its mission to provide advertisers with audio anywhere solutions,” said Scott Porretti, Executive VP of Katz Digital. “With this new form of audio supply, Katz Digital will be able to offer local and national advertisers the opportunity to connect with target audiences through Vibenomics’ more than 4000 points of interest at that critical moment when they are just footsteps away from making a purchase.”

Brenner joined Vibenomics in September after leaving Emmis in February, following the dismantling of NextRadio, which he ran along with Emmis subsidiary TagStation.