Bustos Media Corp. regional Mexican KDDS-FM Elma, WA (99.3) is the latest station to utilize MaxxCasting technology to overcome signal challenges associated with hilly or mountainous terrain. The MaxxCasting technology from GeoBroadcast Solutions combines radio and cellular technology to boost FM signals.

“Like several other Seattle FM stations that broadcast from across the Puget Sound, KDDS was challenged by a ridge that almost completely shadowed Interstate 5 and the heavily populated neighborhoods just to the east,” said Bill Hieatt, CTO, GeoBroadcast Solutions. “Listeners driving through the region are no longer changing stations due to interference and loss of signal, while businesses and residential neighborhoods that previously could not hear the station are receiving clean and consistent broadcasts.”

KDDS implemented the technology last month, and according to the company, the station has eliminated multipath interference that existed across 70% of the market, while also improving the station’s reach for PPM participants in the market.

Bustos president/CEO Amador Bustos said MaxxCasting “has made an enormous difference in the neighborhoods that are most important to our business, as well as other areas that are deeply shadowed.” He said the stations sales staff can now call on businesses that can hear the station clearly, adding that “listeners around the region have been remarking about how much of a difference they are hearing” in the station’s reach.