Kevin Kline 2020

Cox Media Group “The New 93Q” KKBQ Houston “Q Morning Zoo” host Kevin Kline announces his retirement in a nine-minute video on the station website. “After 30 years in the radio industry, over half of them spent in Houston on the legendary 93Q, I have decided to retire and start a new, as of now, untitled chapter in life,” Kline says in the video.

Kline adds that he and wife Trish plan to live abroad in a “country to be determined.” He explains that COVID-19 has allowed him to reflect on his life and career while making the decision to leave radio behind.

“This 30-year ride has been a blast,” he adds. “It has been personally meaningful and gratifying. And the ride has changed our lives in ways we never imagined it would. Trish and I know how lucky and blessed we are to have had this long, incredible career. Many, who are lucky enough to even get into this highly competitive radio industry don’t last 30 months, so to have had an audience to entertain for 30 YEARS, that is something I have never taken for granted.”