Marketing attribution provider LeadsRx has partnered with ad tech company WideOrbit to make their respective technologies available to each other's customers. The combination will allow LeadsRx clients to access automated delivery of broadcast advertising data, while WideOrbit customers can tap into impartial multi-touch attribution capabilities across multiple ad channels.

With the integration, marketers can include broadcast advertising in cross-channel attribution models to see how all mediums contribute to customer acquisition.

“By partnering with WideOrbit, LeadsRx is disrupting the game for marketers by making broadcast ad campaign data readily and equally accessible to all,” AJ Brown, CEO and Co-Founder of LeadsRx said in a release. “LeadsRx gives pioneering marketers instant access to the data they need to develop predictive intelligence to implement effective campaign strategies, rapidly make changes to dial-in campaigns to better target audiences, and use ad dollars more effectively in the future.”

Tim Swift, WideOrbit COO and acting VP, Integrations said the partnership “adds an important piece of the puzzle for WideOrbit customers. In addition to helping improve mid-campaign performance analysis and optimization, the ability to give TV advertising appropriate attribution for driving customer acquisition across channels is potentially game-changing for broadcasters, allowing them to better demonstrate value to advertisers and drive new demand.”