A Life's Story with Leslie Gold

Leslie Gold, known as “The Radiochick,” debuts a new podcast, “A Life’s Story,” which shines a light on the lives of special octogenarian, nonagenarians and centenarians who have done, and are still doing, astonishing things.

Gold is best known for her time hosting “The Radiochick Show” on then-talk outlets WNEW-FM and WFNY in New York City.

She has since been hosting podcasts, dubbed “Chickcasts,” and serving as a guest host on Fox News Radio. The Radiochick Corp. has the rights to “The Gong Show Live,” which was in residence at The Cutting Room in New York.

Episodes of “A Life’s Story” feature a 99-year-old World War II veteran turned transgendered widow who fights discrimination from the very government for which she fought; A 103-year-old who goes to work as she has every day for decades; An 86-year-old woman who waves her Senior Olympics medals at the medical community who wrote her off; and a Holocaust survivor of four Nazi death camps who endured unimaginable horrors yet rebuilds his life from being a walking skeleton to a life of happiness and love.

“We are losing generation of folks who are markedly different than every generation that came after them,” Gold said in a release. “They grew up in a time when the world was facing momentous changes and they lived that history. They did extraordinary courageous, and significant things. They are racking up achievements even at 80, 90 and 100 years old. These are remarkable life stories and there is a special wisdom that we can derive from their lives.”

“A Life’s Story” is produced in partnership with Jam Street Media, overseen by President and Founder Matty Staudt, who is also a veteran of WNEW-FM.

“It’s so wonderful to be reunited with Leslie all these years after our days at WNEW,” Staudt added. “This is one of the most important podcasts I have had the pleasure to be a part of. The fact that I also got to work with someone I have always admired is the icing on the cake.”