Loyd Ford doesn’t want to say “The Radio Rally,” his weekly show on Clubhouse, is like going to church, but it’s sort of like that. “It’s the church of radio,” says Ford, who co-hosts “The Radio Rally” with Robin “Heather Froglear” Ward of Audacy “K-Frog 95.1” KFRG Riverside, CA, and Hubbard Broadcasting’s “B-105” WUBE Cincinnati’s Jesse Tack. “We congregate together on Monday night, and we have a little rally.”

Each Monday (7pm ET) since mid-March, Ford, Ward and Tack have invited a pair of guests from the radio world to be interviewed for an audience of a few dozen people, mostly colleagues. Guests have ranged from syndicated hosts Bud Ford and Jerry Broadway to Hall Communications VP of Programming Bob Walker to San Diego morning personality Corey Dylan.

“With all of our guests, we talk about success,” Ford says. “We talk about how they got in the business; we talk about the path that led them to the job you have or the thing they’ve created.” Ford created “The Radio Rally” with an eye toward encouraging the audience, so he also makes sure to discuss failures. “When people talk about failures, they talk about what they learned and how it enriched their lives,” he says.

People often see the warrior in Ford, who formed Rainmaker Pathway Consulting after a stint as PD for SummitMedia “100.3 The Wolf” WCYQ Knoxville, TN, but he likes to think of himself as an encourager. “If you can be a part of encouraging somebody, it is a powerful moment in your life,” he says. “People want to be heard. People want to be lifted up.”

The social-network audio of Clubhouse gave him a perfect vehicle to do that. “I look at Clubhouse like this great place that has a bunch of talk radio stations,” he says. “There are hundreds of them, and they’re on all different subjects.”

The idea for “The Radio Rally” came from two blogs on his Rainmaker Pathway website. One, called “More Live Than Local,” was designed to help local broadcasters be more effective. The other was called “Encouraging Sales Success.”

“Ask a radio seller if it’s tough being in radio sales — it is,” he says. “Ask if they’re getting encouragement. Not a lot of it. I wanted a place where those stories could be shared by people who are doing the job, who are encouraging the people trying to do the job.”

Ford enlisted Ward and Tack for “The Radio Rally” because he admired their positive nature. He also created a Clubhouse “club” called The Encouragers, which now has almost 200 members, almost all from the radio industry. Tack appreciates the humanizing effects of the weekly chats. “My favorite part is hearing people’s biographies, because they are all somewhat similar,” he says. “Mostly, it’s ‘I was young; I listened to the radio a lot; I hustled; and this is how I got to where I am now.’ I find that incredibly relatable.”

Ward’s highlight guests so far have included Country Radio Broadcasters Executive Director RJ Curtis (“He is the biggest cheerleader for country radio,” she says) and Brent Michaels, PD at Buck Owens Broadcasting KUZZ-AM/FM Bakersfield, CA (550 AM/107.9 FM) (“He is the epitome of thinking outside the box”).

Ford has found “The Radio Rally” so rewarding that he plans to launch another regular Clubhouse session in the coming weeks. “That second event is going to be about a different facet of encouraging radio,” he says.

“It’s nice to be with other people who still love radio as much as I do,” Ward says. “Every Monday night, I leave with a smile on my face.”

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