It’s not just listeners that are sampling podcasting. So are advertisers. The podcast ad tech firm Magellan has been analyzing which marketers have run trial campaigns on podcasting and it reports roughly four out of the ten advertisers on the IAB’s Direct Brands To Watch list have so far tested podcast ads. It did that by stacking up the IAB’s list of 250 marketers with its database of more than 4,000 brands that have advertised on podcasts.

When it stacked up the IAB’s list against those that have bought time on podcasts, Magellan reports in a blog post that its data shows 109 brands have bought podcast ads since 2017—or 44% of the brands on the IAB list. In other words, a majority (56%) of the DTC brands featured haven’t tried podcast advertising to date.

There’s also a question of retention. “While 109 brands have tried podcast advertising at least once, not all brands have stuck with it,” the company says in a report. Out of 109 brands, 82 advertised on podcasts in the last 90 days while 71 have continued to advertise on podcasts in 2019 according to Magellan’s review. It also says 27 brands have also tested podcast advertising but haven’t been active on the top two thousand podcasts during the past 90 days.

Ads varied in length but Magellan noted one spot ran an ear-bending nine minutes. It was a Nov. 2018 spot for Thursday Boots on the Cum Town podcast. The ad categories in which podcasting have done the best are personal care, home and appliances, and alcohol-beer-wine.

In what Magellan says is the first of several deeper category-specific examinations, the company focuses on the direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand category. Magellan says in its report that most DTC ads appear as mid-roll ads, which is fairly consistent with the trends seen across the biggest shows in podcasting. Interestingly, 86 brands used ads in multiple positions within individual episodes. And 24 brands used pre-, mid- and post-roll spots, all in the same episode. “Overall, 16% of the episodes featured two or more ads from the same brand,” the analysis says.

In the Personal Care category, which includes everything from tooth brushes to razors, 15 out of the 18 brands have advertised on podcasts in the side-by-side comparison. That includes such brands as Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s Razors. In the Home and Appliance category, 13 of the 18 brands on the IAB list made an appearance on podcasts, including such brands as Casper mattresses and Brooklinen bedding.

Download Magellan’s full report HERE.