Nielsen has snagged another ad agency for Nielsen Media Impact, the measurement giant’s cross-platform media planning tool that brings radio data into the media stew. Minneapolis-based Marketing Architects has expanded its relationship with Nielsen to include NMI, along with TV, radio and digital data.

Getting more agencies on board with NMI is a plus for radio, since the tool long used by advertisers and agencies to map out their marketing plans now has radio data in the mix. For the first time, subscribing media buyers and planners can see the actual audience delivery of their previously aired TV campaigns and how adding radio to the media mix would have improved their reach.

Marketing Architects has also renewed local TV and audio measurement data in all markets. That includes Nielsen’s overhauled local TV measurement service and continuous diary measurement in 46 radio markets.

NMI includes insights into historical media behavior and predictive analytics from its planning module to understand the future impact of media, and a target analyzer to understand and further define target audiences. Along with cross-media planning, NMI offers reach and time-spent metrics, as well as the ability to analyze any desired time frame, such as a week or month.

“We have a 22-year history of helping companies reach major milestones, and television has been a key marketing channel for our clients,” said Chuck Hengel, CEO, Marketing Architects. “We invest our own capital into each TV campaign, so we are excited to see how Nielsen’s enhanced Local TV ratings will impact our upfront decision-making when it comes to client campaigns. We’re also looking forward to using advanced national planning tools such as Nielsen Media Impact to accelerate monetization opportunities for our valued clients within the changing and competitive landscape.”