Michael Savage Air Force One

Westwood One syndicated personality Michael Savage, host of “The Savage Nation,” was invited by President Trump to travel with him on Air Force One and attend a series of California fundraisers. While in flight, the Commander in Chief invited the conservative talker to share a meal of hot dogs, which the host has deemed “The Hot Dog Summit.”

In describing the novel event, Savage said, “While sitting with President Trump on Air Force One, two hot dogs are delivered for the president. I'm starving at this point. President Trump looks and he must have seen my eyes dart at the hot dogs and he says, ‘You want one?’ I said, ‘Sure.’ He takes one off his plate delicately onto another plate. He says to me, ‘Would you like mustard or ketchup?’ Then he mentions, ‘No, you don't want that ketchup with sugar on it. Do you?’” Apparently Savage, has mentioned over the air that that is how he prefers to eat a hot dog.

Savage goes on: “President Trump then dollops out the mustard for me from his plate, showing a certain humility and generosity that you may not be aware of from him. It is in the little things that you could see a person's behavior.” He also explained that Trump cut his hot dog in pieces and ate them with a knife and fork, while “I ate it like I was at a baseball game because I never saw a hot dog eaten with a knife and fork.”

During the fundraisers, he added, “There are so few realists and conservatives where I live that you start to wonder what the world is all about. And then you go to one of these fundraisers, and you see people, everyday people, great people, and you see the love for the president and the love for The Savage Nation.”