Michael Savage 2018

One of the biggest names in the history of conservative talk radio says he’s exiting the medium — but he’s not done talking.

Michael Savage, who hosts the nationally-syndicated The Savage Nation, told his listeners on Wednesday (Sept. 30) — and in a subsequent Twitter post — that he’ll be off the airwaves — and podcasting exclusively — effective January 2021. The 78-year-old Savage didn’t immediately provide details behind the move, other than saying in his post: “Too many Chris Wallace types took over radio — only vanilla permitted.”

The veteran host had his airtime reduced from three hours a day to just the 3-4pm hour Eastern  in 2018, as Westwood One handed the 4-6pm slot to Ben Shapiro. 

Savage has enjoyed a run of more than 25 years on the radio. The host’s Savage Nation Podcast will go forward but will no longer be distributed via the Westwood One Podcast Network, according to Savage assistant Helen Cunningham, who declined to provide further details.

“You will not hear me on this radio station anymore as of January,” the host told his listeners Wednesday, adding that he couldn’t offer specifics. “I cannot give you the reasons; I am constrained for legal reasons. You will no longer hear Michael Savage on radio anywhere in America.”

Savage’s radio career began on San Francisco’s KGO in 1994. By the fall of 2000, “The Savage Nation” was nationally syndicated by Talk Radio Network. That relationship concluded acrimoniously in September of 2012. Later that year, Savage’s show was put into syndication by Cumulus Media Networks, which the following year merged with Westwood One.