A milestone more than a decade in the making for the podcast industry has just occurred. There are now more than one million podcasts, according to the podcast search engine Listen Notes. The counter crossed over during the past day as the number of show launches continues to grow.

So far this year more than 87,000 new podcasts have gone live, according to Listen Notes data. If that pace holds it will mean the number of new shows will easily top the 273,502 that debuted in 2019, according to the search engine’s data.

The Listen Notes data shows the crop of new podcasts that launched last month represent nearly 9% of all the shows that now exist. By its tally there are now at least 1,001,151 podcasts and 63,435,534 episodes in the world.

Even though the database now includes more than a million podcasts, Listen Notes points out that it doesn’t mean all shows are considered active. Slightly more than a third – 35% – of shows have already released an episode since the new year began.

At the same time, it reports about 6,300 podcasts have gone dark. That’s a slower pace than last year when it said 28,480 shows podfaded. Listen Notes considers a show to have died when the RSS feed is deleted, or its iTunes “Completed” tag is marked “yes” by the publisher.

The number of episodes grew significantly during the first three months of the year. Listen Notes says more than 3.8 million have been published so far. That’s about 6% of all episodes available.

The top genre remains Society & Culture, which represented 13% of all shows. It is followed by Religion & Spirituality (11%), Education (9%), Business (8%) and Comedy (8%).

Listen Notes reports three-quarters of all podcasts are in English, with 72.9% of all shows coming from the U.S. Spain ranked second, where 4.4% of shows originate. After English, Spanish-language shows remain in second place albeit with a much smaller 5% share. German (2.9%), Portuguese (2.6%) and French (2.4%) round out the top five.