Elizabeth Kay

Elizabeth Kay, morning co-host at Audacy hot AC “99.1 The Mix” WMYX-FM Milwaukee, was finally able to donate a kidney, which in-turn led to her mother-in-law receiving a kidney donation.

“So, this started pretty much in December 2019 when we found out my mother-in-law Camille was in stage 4 kidney failure,” Kay told WMTV-TV.

Kay had surgery to remove her kidney on March 31 at UW Hospital in Madison and is currently recovering at home. She donated her kidney through the Paired Kidney Exchange, which enabled Kay to be a donor for someone in need, while her mother-in-law received a kidney from a donor that is a match for her. “It was guaranteed that she would get a better match and get a match faster because there is more fish in the pond, so to speak,” she explained. Her mother-in-law recently had surgery to have a donated kidney transplanted.

“I started this process and I never looked back,” Kay remarked. “I know what Camille means to our family, what she means to me.”

Kay also had a deeper meaning to be a donor. “I have undiagnosed infertility,” she said. “Nine years ago this week is when I did lose my baby and I feel like it’s kind of come full circle in the same week that I am able to give life, but just in a different way.”