Museum of Broadcast Communications

The Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago, home to the National Radio Hall of Fame, will celebrate the 100th anniversary of commercial radio in the United States with a yearlong celebration that kicks off in March.

Staff at the museum, which has been closed due to the pandemic, has been working to prep for the major exhibit, according to Chicago media reporter Robert Feder. Behind the effort is an advisory board of academics and industry professionals from the U.S. and Canada.

The celebration will commence with a series of panel discussions and online content, which will be followed by a full-scale display slotted to open at the end of May, Executive Director Susy Schultz says.

“What we want to do is look at this as not just who are the celebrities, which is very important, but that’s often where people stop,” Schultz said during an appearance on the “Hannah & Fred Show,” which airs Sundays on Pollack Broadcasting talk WCGO (1590). “We want to look at the business of radio and the science of radio, and its power and impact.”

Radio marked the anniversary of the first commercial radio broadcast, which took place on KDKA Pittsburgh on Nov. 2, 1920, with the announcement of the results of the Presidential election between Warren G. Harding and James M. Cox.