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Neal Boortz, who retired from his daily syndicated talk show in 2013, and has been doing daily commentaries on Cox Media Group’s WSB-WSBB-FM Atlanta (750/95.5), filed his final audio segment Friday, Aug. 23.

Boortz opened the piece by recalling his move from being a full-time lawyer to talk show host back in the early 90s, which he says was made to decrease the stress level he was experiencing at the time. “Well, it’s back in spades,” he said in “The Last Commentary.” “I cannot believe what is happening to this country,” he continued. “I can’t watch the news anymore.”

Blaming what he described as “America headed toward a disaster” due to children “knowing more about LGBTQ history than they know about the history of the United States,” Boortz said he decided to hang up the headphones for good.

“I’m going to just enjoy my friends, my family and my travels while the rest of you see if you can pull this country back from the brink,” he said. “I want to be fully retired because I don’t want to pay that much attention to the news… because the news is so depressing and I don’t want to be depressed.” Boortz thanked listeners “for a great career at WSB and for six years at these commentaries.” Listen to his last WSB commentary HERE.

His earlier radio program was on the air on WSB beginning in 1993, with syndication starting in 1999. He stepped down from the program in January 2013 with 200 affiliates and an estimated weekly audience of six million.