Disgraceland podcast

What difference does being part of a network have on downloads? One data point from the iHeartPodcast Network shed some light on the answer. When Disgraceland moved from being independently published to part of iHeartRadio with the launch of its third season, the podcast saw a massive increase in the number of downloads. During the prior season the show had fewer than one million downloads but as part of iHeart it topped two million. Here’s what the data shows:

Disgraceland, the true crime podcast about musicians behaving badly, was created by Jake Brennan. With the launch of the third season the show also benefited from on-air promotion. iHeart aired the first episode of the season in March on a number of broadcast radio stations and it created a slick video trailer.

Earlier this year Brennan agreed to produce two more seasons of Disgraceland for the iHeartPodcast Network. Brennan is also producing two other shows. The first is Rocka Rolla that focuses on Phil Spector and his journey from teen performer to legendary record producer, and later what led up to his 2009 murder conviction. Brennan is also producing a podcast called The 27 Club. It explores the lives of rock stars that all mysteriously died at the age of 27. Both of the two new podcasts, co-produced by iHeartRadio, will use the same storytelling style as has been used in Disgraceland.