Business Unusual

As media buyers and sellers confront extraordinary upheaval due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Radio Advertising Bureau has launched a new section on populated with a raft of tools for radio sellers and marketers. The new section, titled “Business Unusual: Best Practices For When It’s Not Business As Usual,” includes a newly released white paper titled “Advertising During Difficult Times,” pertinent articles and blogs, the “Radio It’s On” social media campaign, relevant research studies, creative resources, and other marketing and training tools that RAB members can use and share with their advertising clients.

The effort is part of a relaunched “Radio – It’s On” campaign that began last week. Along with sales and marketing tools, the RAB’s multi-pronged campaign also encompasses business development and training for radio sellers to help keep clients on the air. To that end, the trade group has launched a Professional Development webinar series called “Business Unusual.” It consists of three distinct webinars available free to RAB members.

The series launches with the first webinar, “Business Unusual Requires Exceptional Communication – How To Talk To Your Advertisers,” Wednesday, March 25 at 11am Central. Registration is available HERE. The RAB says the live webinar has limited capacity but will be made available for free on-demand viewing for members immediately following the live presentation.

Two more webinars are scheduled: “How To Craft Your Messaging In Times of Uncertainty” and “Work From Home (WFH) Strategies To Maximize Productivity In Your New Office.” More details on these two webinars are expected to be released in the coming week.

As part of its training program, RAB is offering its Radio Marketing Professional (RMP) online certification program to RAB members for free until April 17. Members can register by contacting Kim Johnson at or 972-753-6759.

The RMP online certification course includes 17 modules covering how to effectively position yourself as a marketing consultant, maximizing your time, prospecting, appointment, CNA's, written presentations, Co-op and NTR, competitive media and other topics. The RAB says the course is designed for sellers with 12 months or less radio sales experience, or sellers who have never completed a comprehensive radio sales program.

The trade group is experiencing a wave of requests from its members about what to do during an economic downturn. “We’re trying to talk to members about how to talk to their clients and how to be proactive,” RAB president & CEO Erica Farber told Inside Radio. “I have all the faith in the world that radio will rise to the occasion and do what they do best, which is show their strength in the local community and super-serve their local and national customers.”