Three months after beginning to roll out Continuous Diary Measurement in 46 markets, Nielsen says it will end the CDM service in the Shreveport, LA and York, PA markets effective with the end of the Fall 2019 survey period. The two markets will then convert to twice a year (Fall and Spring) measurement and reporting.

In an email to clients on Friday, Nielsen said the final available CDM monthly reports for Shreveport (market No. 144) and York (market No. 110) will be for November 2019. Winter 2020 data won’t be available for these markets and they won’t see a new ratings book until Spring 2020.

In addition to ending future monthly ratings for these two markets, the monthly reports that have already been issued will be replaced with quarterly reports after the change. That means the September (July, August, September) monthly ratings will be replaced with Summer 2019 data in the TAPSCAN reporting application and the December (October, November, December) monthly data will be reported as Fall 2019 data.

Nielsen is also making a change in the Harrisburg-Lebanon-Carlisle market but it will only affect the larger DMA. Data from the DMA will move from quarterly to Fall and Spring measurement and reporting starting with the Fall 2019 survey. That means no Winter 2020 Harrisburg DMA data will be reported. However, the Harrisburg Metro (market No. 83) will remain a CDM market, with ratings reported monthly.

Nielsen faced some resistance from clients earlier this year over having to pay extra for the monthly diary ratings service. Despite the opposition, the company began to convert 46 diary markets to CDM in August. At the time Nielsen identified iHeartMedia, Univision, Midwest Communications, Tyler Media, QueenB Radio, Southern Stone Communications and Bahakel Communications as clients that have signed up for the upgrade. Absent from the list then were big diary market clients including Entercom, Cumulus Media, Townsquare Media Group, Cox Media Group, Urban One, Saga Communications and others. It’s not known how many clients have since agreed to pay the additional fee for the monthly service.