Just days after rolling out Continuous Diary Measurement to the first five of 46 diary markets set to receive the new service, Nielsen is further fine-tuning its radio ratings platform. On Friday, it announced a new step to prevent unauthorized use of its data by non-clients.

Effective with the August 2019 PPM survey and Fall 2019 Diary survey, it will no longer be possible for clients to create PDFs of Listener Estimate reports in Nielsen Local Radio eBook. As of the July 2019 survey, Nielsen is removing these reports from eBook; the company explains that clients will continue to have the ability to generate PDFs for all other eBook reports.

In the coming months, Nielsen also intends to remove all listener estimate pages from PPM and two-book Diary markets in eBook. Specifically, in the announcement, the company says that the following eBook reports will no longer offer PDF options: Complete Report, Listener Estimates Section, Listener Estimates Reports, Target Listener Trends (all demos), Target Listener Estimates (all demos), Listener AQH Composition, Listener Cume Composition, Listening Locations, Time Spent Listening, Cume Duplication Percent, Exclusive & Overnight Listening, Ethnic Composition, TSA Target Listeners (includes Metro), Listener Estimates Reports by Demo, Target Listener Trends and Target Listener Estimates.

Nielsen further notes that in the event that any market is reissued after Aug. 2, 2019, the report will also have links removed to PDF options for these eBook reports.