Stitcher 2018

While brand marketing on podcasts is still a relatively new phenomenon, a new study has found that it offers a significant increase in recall and intent to purchase. In fact, podcast advertising generates up to 4.4x better brand recall than other forms of digital advertising.

Midroll— the advertising arm of E.W. Scripps’ podcast producer Stitcher—commissioned a Nielsen study of blue-chip brands, utilizing findings from 11 Nielsen effectiveness studies. In addition to the lift in brand awareness, the studies revealed that 61% of consumers exposed to podcast ads for the well-known national brands become more likely to purchase the advertised product.

All major consumer categories were included in the Nielsen/Midroll survey, including soft drinks, consumer packaged goods and retail. The studies measured how likely listeners were to recall, purchase and recommend a brand after hearing a podcast ad for that product.

Among the key findings across the 2018 studies: Brand recall was 4.4x better than display ads on other digital media platforms, including scroll ads, static ads and pop-up ads. There was an average 10% lift in purchase intent among listeners exposed to a podcast ad, with 61% saying they were likely to buy, compared to 56% of listeners who did not hear an ad.

Across specific product categories, the study showed that national consumer packaged goods brands had a 9% increase in purchase intent after working with Midroll to develop and place their ads. The same national consumer product had 43% greater recall with a longer, customized version of the ad, compared to the conventional, shorter ad for the same product. And a marked 118% more people who heard a host-read ad for a national soft drink brand campaign said they were more likely to buy the highlighted flavor, compared to those who had not heard the ad.

While direct response advertisers were early adopters of podcast advertising, major household name brands are now benefitting from the lift they get from host-read podcast ads, said Stitcher chief revenue officer Korri Kolesa. “This shift underscores the power of podcasts to speak to a generation of consumers who tend to be hard to reach through other digital media platforms,” she said. “This allows brands to develop a highly resonant message and in turn, to work with the host to ensure the messaging is well-integrated to reach its target audience.

The studies, commissioned by Midroll, were conducted by Nielsen, with 7,100 total respondents 18-64 in the aggregate online panel surveys. They listened to a clip of a podcast episode, with half exposed to an advertisement in the mid-roll position of the clip, while the control group heard a clip without an ad. A post survey was then used to measure lift across key measures.