Nielsen will re-issue August PPM ratings for the Nassau-Suffolk, NY market Thursday, Sept. 12 at noon. The original August ratings for Nielsen market No. 18 were issued Sept. 3. In a notification to clients on Wednesday, Nielsen cites two reasons for the reissue.

First, audience estimates for Radio Cantico Nuevo Spanish Contemporary Christian WLIM-AM were mislabeled as WNYG-AM. WNYG is a sister station of WLIM. In the new numbers out on Thursday, estimates for the station have been re-labeled as WLIM-AM. Nielsen notes that it reported a change in call letters for both stations during the August report period.

Secondly, and perhaps more significantly, Nielsen says its “proactive compliance controls” identified the presence of panel members who were ineligible to participate during the August 2019 survey time frame. Nielsen didn't say why the removed panelists were ineligible to participate in the August survey but the company does have restrictions on how long panelists can remain active in its measurement panels.

The new numbers will remove the ineligible panelists’ listening data from the numbers.

The August survey covers the period from July 18 through Aug. 14.