Day Two of the November 2019 PPMs continue the trend set on Day One, , with news/talk stations reaping the benefits from a forthcoming election and the return to fall schedules. Washington has three news/talk outlets within the top rankers, while Detroit gets a new number one and warm weather markets Miami and Phoenix see little or no changes in the latest ratings.

The November PPMs cover the period from Oct. 10 through Nov. 6. All numbers quoted here are 6+ Mon-Sun, 6am-Mid.

While the presidential election is a year away, spoken word radio stations in the nation’s capital saw increases thanks to a never-ending news cycle. American University news/talk WAMU remains No. 1 while gaining nearly a share (7.4-8.1-8.9). Hubbard news WTOP is second, rising 7.5-7.4-8.1, followed by Radio One urban AC WMMJ (7.4-8.0-7.4). Cumulus Media news/talk WMAL-FM (5.1-5.1-5.7) places fourth and iHeartMedia AC WASH (5.6-6.1-5.4) remains in fifth. The World Series clinching run of the Washington Nationals bode well for Entercom sports WJFK-FM, which saw a three-month up trend, moving 3.5-4.3-4.8.

Boston University’s news/talk WBUR-FM added a share month-over-month, moving 3.4-3.5-4.5, ranking eighth and catching up to iHeartMedia “NewsRadio 1030” WBZ (5.3-5.2-4.8). Once again leading the market, and adding share, is Beasley media Group classic hits WROR-FM (7.6-7.9-8.5), followed by iHeartMedia CHR WXKS-FM (6.3-6.5-6.4). Beasley sports WBZ-FM (5.0-6.1-6.2) moves from fourth to third, followed by Entercom AC WMJX (5.8-4.7-5.8), while iHeartMedia classic rock WZLX (5.9-6.4-5.3) drops from third to fifth.

Miami, where its forever summer, saw little effects of the seasonal change. The Top 5 stations remain unchanged: Cox Media Group soft AC WFEZ (7.0-7.0-7.0), followed by urban AC sister WHQT (6.7-6.4-6.6), Univision Spanish hits WAMR-FM (5.7-5.9-6.2), Entercom AC WLYF (5.3-5.8-5.8) and classic hits sister WMXJ (5.8-5.7-5.2).

In Seattle, Hubbard CHR KQMV leads the market once again, improving 6.0-7.4-7.8, while the addition of a half-share helps Northwest Public Radio news/talk KUOW advance from sixth to second, steadily rising 4.5-5.0-5.5. Bonneville news/talk KIRO-FM (5.0-5.0-4.9) moves up a rank into third, followed by iHeartMedia classic rock KZOK-FM (6.0-6.1-4.9) and Hubbard AC KRWM (4.9-5.0-4.8).

In Detroit, iHeartMedia AC WNIC, one of the earlier Christmas converts, moves from second to first and is trending up 5.9-5.0-6.2. Beasley Media rock WRIF, while flat month-over-month (5.1-5.8-5.8), up-shifts from fourth to second. Entercom classic hits WOMC (5.7-5.8-5.7) remains in third. Beasley Media Group classic rock WCSX falls from its first-place perch to fourth and loses nearly a share (7.1-6.5-5.6) tied with iHeartMedia urban AC WMXD (5.7-4.9-5.6).

Phoenix is another warm weather market that saw little changes within the top rankers. iHeartMedia AC KESZ (6.7-7.0-7.1) stays on top, followed by adult hits sister KYOT-FM (6.3-6.6-6.9), Hubbard classic rock KSLX-FM (6.0-6.4-6.1) and Entercom classic hits KOOL-FM (5.9-6.2-5.8). The only change is Hubbard rock KUPD (3.7-4.1-4.1) moving from seventh to fifth. There were slight increases at Bonneville news/talk KTAR-FM (4.2-3.9-4.0) and Maricopa County Community College news/talk/jazz KJZZ (3.6-3.8-3.9).

Hubbard hot AC KSTP-FM (7.2-7.5-7.6) tops the Minneapolis market again in November, followed by University of Northwestern St. Paul contemporary Christian KTIS-FM (6.0-6.5-7.4) and iHeartMedia sports KFXN-FM (6.1-6.8-7.3), which swap positions. American Public Media Group news/talk KNOW-FM remains flat and in fourth (6.4-6.3-6.3) and iHeartMedia classic hits KQQL (6.5-5.7-5.9) climbs from sixth to fifth.

San Diego State University news/talk KPBS-FM (6.2-6.3-6.3) remains in first followed again by Entercom classic hits KXSN (6.6-6.2-5.9). iHeartMedia hot AC KMYI (5.4-5.1-5.4) and XETRA Communicaciones hot AC XHRM (5.5-5.4-5.4) switch positions, while iHeartMedia CHR KHTS-FM (5.0-4.8-5.2) moves up a rank to fifth. –Jay Gleason