Omny Studio

Omny Studio has unveiled a new product that allows broadcasters to automate the creation of podcasts from on-air material. Combined with Triton Digital’s advertising technology, Omny says the broadcast-to-podcast software can instantly transform on-air broadcasts into monetized podcasts without manual editing. Pre-roll and mid-roll advertising can be automatically added with the use of advertising markers before and between segments.

The software, part of Omny’s on-demand audio publishing system, can also identify and label talk segments from music and advertising content for selective inclusion in podcasts. The software can be customized to combine multiple segments into a single podcast episode, using chapter markers and sound effects to separate the content for easier digestion and referencing.

“We simplified and modernized archiving radio content with our original broadcast capture software, and now we’re taking that innovation one step further,” Omny Studio chief CEO Sharon Taylor said. “By turning the software into more of a team member for radio stations, we are removing two of the largest obstacles that broadcasters face when sharing their content in an on-demand setting: limited time and limited resources.”

Triton Digital president of marketing development John Rosso added, “The appetite for time-shifted audio is incredibly high, and Omny’s automation feature makes it easy for broadcasters to both create and publish engaging content to serve this appetite.”