PC Magazine

A highly-recommended addition for your technology needs, especially during a new, slowed-down, pandemic-infused lifestyle, is… wait for it. A radio.

PC Magazine urges consumers to steer away from playlist algorithms and podcast suggestions and instead, opt for a simpler audio experience. “It’s time to return to a slower, older technology that can provide auditory companionship and match the new pace of your days: the radio,” the article states.

It’s cost-effective too. Not only is broadcast radio free, but the former household staple is less expensive than adding a third smart TV to a household, the article points out. And, as Inside Radio readers know, there’s good stuff out there on the dial.

“Radio – good radio, anyway – is the work of those who have a point of view,” PC Mag’s Chandra Steele writes in the opinion piece. “Whether it’s public radio or a small FM station you pick up, there’s someone on the other side of that signal who’s trying to communicate something.”

Recognizing that buying a transistor radio “might seem like it’s two steps back, but it’s really one step forward” the article lists a number of radio options, should you be in the market for one. The list includes radio options “for minimalist nostalgia,” “on the go listening,” “old-timey vibes,” “for gold-plated tunes” and “for athletes on the move.”