Pandora has announced that its audio inventory is now available for programmatic buying, allowing advertisers greater access to its ad-supported users, which account for more than 90% of the music streaming service’s listener base. The news comes two months after Pandora closed on its $145 million purchase of AdsWizz and as the company reports second quarter earnings. The programmatic audio marketplace uses AdsWizz’s AudioMax Supply Side Platform. Pandora’s display and video ad products are already available programmatically.

“We’ve reached a significant tipping point in audio where automation, voice-activated technology and other innovations are bringing sweeping changes to the landscape – and as a result, the demand for effective programmatic audio is booming,” CRO John Trimble said in a press release.

Pandora launched a beta version of its programmatic buying capabilities in February and so far, it has been used by more than 20 brand partners, including P&G, Gatorade and Sony Pictures.

“Marketers today can evoke an emotional connection with their audiences directly through sound,” said Gina Hardy, Head of Consumer & Athlete Engagement, Gatorade. “Thanks to the ability to access Pandora’s wealth of audio inventory, we’ve been able to tackle some of Gatorade’s most successful campaigns through programmatic buying and use quality audio ads to connect directly with our listeners while they enjoy the personalized music they love.”