XAPP 375

A new Google Assistant feature will make podcasts more discoverable on Google Home devices. Using its new Media Response API, Xapp Media has announced that three podcasts are live with new embedded “deep links” that act like SEO for spoken questions by users.

“With Google’s deep link discovery, your audio content is now just a spoken phrase away,” Xapp said in a blog posting. Using Media Response API technology deep links can be created in the Assistant app which will help users search for podcasts based on content or show title commands. “When Google Home users ask for that topic, your podcast can be surfaced proactively as a suggestion by Google Assistant,” the company explained.

The first three podcasts using the new capabilities are Entercom sports WEEI-FM Boston (93.7) “Kirk & Callahan” show, the Notre Dame sports-focused “Blue Gold Report” from Federated Media and true-crime podcast “Sword & Scale.”

The new technology has the potential to introduce new listeners to a podcast due to content searches. It will also locate a program by near matches, so even if a show is called by its nickname or by a shortened version of the show title, it will still be discoverable.

During playback of a podcast, users remain within the context of the voice app, allowing listeners to navigate to different content and respond to prompts within the audio itself.

“Many podcasters are accustomed to other platforms that take listeners out-of-session to play content,” the post reads. “Google Assistant's new Media Response API runs the player from within the voice app… It is a technical difference that results in a more seamless user experience.”