While U.S. podcast downloads and audience numbers continue to decrease slightly week over week, the latest rankings from Podtrac reveal that overall growth remains positive year-to-date. The March 29 metrics show a 4% weekly dip across all Podtrac measured podcasts, as the Coronavirus crisis continues, following a 2% decrease the week ending March 22 and a 1% downward trend the week ending March 15.

For the year, download growth since the first week of January is up 25% and audience growth is up 8% through the week ending March 29. By category, for Podtrac measured shows, growth year-to-date is up 67% for News, 39% for Business, 29% for Comedy, 8% for Sports, and 6% for Society & Culture.

Week over week, as of March 29, Business podcast downloads rose 10%, while Comedy was down 4%, Society & Culture fell 5%, surprisingly News downloads ebbed 6%, and Sports was down 10%.

Looking at all categories within the podcast arena, week-over-week for the week ending March 29, Podtrac statistics show: -6% for News, +10% for Business, -10% for Government, -4% for Comedy, +9% for Science, +9% for Kids & Family, -10% for Sports,-17% for History, -8% for Leisure, -5% for Society & Culture, -7% for Health & Fitness, +2% for Religion & Spirituality, -19% for Technology, -12% for TV and Film, 0% for Arts, -1% for Music, -1% for True Crime, -12% Education and +19% for Fiction.