Terra’s Kitchen

Customized digital audio ads based on time of day and the listener’s specific location brought home the bacon for Terra’s Kitchen. The fresh meal delivery service reports its click-through rates from the campaign’s companion banner ads were three times higher than its past standard audio advertising campaigns, which didn’t use personalized creative.

The programmatic campaign was executed by tech company Frequency—which provides dynamic audio ad creative—and digital advertising platform AdsWizz. It targeted Spotify listeners with audio ads and companion banner ads that used location-specific pain points, such as city traffic, to illustrate how much time could be saved with Terra’s Kitchen’s step-by-step recipes.

Frequency says the campaign delivered 934,000 impressions and a 65% savings on price per click, compared to brand standard audio advertising. The campaign performed the best on Tuesdays, at night, and in Philly.

The ability to customize the creative message in spot campaigns is one of the top attractions for programmatic buying of online audio. Frequency’s Dynamic Audio product uses a self-serve creative management platform that allows advertisers to personalize audio creative to target audiences in near real time. The Terra’s Kitchen campaign used AdsWizz’s demand-side programmatic platform, AudioMatic, to reach Spotify listeners. Working together the two companies can “dynamically deliver customized creatives based on criteria like weather, music genre, time of day and location,” according to Alexis van de Wyer, CEO at AdsWizz. The goal, he says, is to use technology to drive better results for advertisers and streaming audio companies.

The campaign’s results suggest the ability to customize creative based on a user’s demographic and psychographic information could help drive higher conversion rates for advertisers. “This is an exciting moment for audio advertising,” said Pete Jimison, CEO and founder of Frequency and its sister company, F Sharp, which specializes in digital music advertising.